Local SEO for Small Businesses


Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of driving traffic to your website through industry-specific and location-specific searches. Local search results are as relevant as ever, as many Internet users prefer using map applications to look for services. This puts big and small businesses on even footing when it comes to the chance of appearing on search results pages.

Compete with the Big Players

In the past, small businesses struggle to appear in search results as many of them find SEO confusing. Many small businesses simply cannot compete with the efforts exerted by big companies regarding search engine optimisation. Fortunately, you’ll find affordable and effective professional SEO services to help you with your Internet marketing campaign. In addition, Google’s recent release of Knowledge Graph and carousel results give small and big businesses equal opportunities in search ranking.

Learn the Basics of Local SEO

For your business to benefit from local search results, you must have indexable landing pages that are keyword-targeted. The keyword phrase should include the location of your businesses and service. Your business information must be accurate and consistent across the Web. Your website should also be ready for mobile users. This means it should load without problems on different devices and give users a positive experience when navigating your site. Optimising your off-site local pages, such as Yahoo!, Yelp, Google+, and Bing is also important. In local SEO, you should focus on high quality content, customer reviews, and user engagement.

Do it Yourself or Find a Service

Small businesses with limited budget often choose to optimise their websites on their own. When you do this without enough knowledge, you may do more harm than good to your website’s ranking. You shouldn’t take any chances when it comes to search engine optimisation. SEO companies in Australia can help you set up a mobile-ready website, and plan a local marketing campaign. They can also assist you in optimizing your webpages so search engines can easily find them.

Local SEO offers great opportunities for small businesses. Improve your branding, interact with your audience and reach the right market with the help of companies offering professional SEO services.

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