Combining SEO and SEM for Improved Search Rankings

Some people think that SEO and SEM are different, but theseare actually two sides of the same coin. SEO focuses on external and internal linking, optimising pages to drive traffic to a website. SEM, on the other hand, takes a more active approach on campaign analytics, bidding, and managing keyword buys for maximum conversion.

Although SEO and SEM feature completely different sides of online marketing, these methodologies, can benefit each other to increase traffic conversion. Organic search queries can influence keyword bidding, while hits gained through PPC advertising can positively affect SEO traffic.

So, how do you make ends meet with these two different online marketing methods? Here are ways that can help

drive your brand across the board through combined SEO and SEM:

Identify Your Target Audience

SEO and SEM work best if you have a specific target audience. For example, using keywords that target a particular location for PPC management and organic search can help improve your rankings in that niche. Assessing the number of clicks and impressions with those keywords can also help you determine who are interested in your services. This, in turn, can give you a ranked list of queries and landing pages for both paid and organic search.

Compare and Match Keyword Terms

When you use SEO and SEM independently, you are only getting traffic from one of two search channels, either organic or paid search. If you combine keywords terms from both SEO and SEM, you have better chances of optimising them for increased visibility. The best way to do this is to check where SEO and SEM programs overlap.This way, you’ll know which keyword terms are driving paid or organic traffic.
Stay Alert with Changes

Online marketing continues to evolve, as search engines provide constant updates for improved user-experience. Keeping up with the changes is one of the best ways to know which strategies can yield results. It also pays to search online to get expert information about the latest SEO and SEM techniques.

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