How to Become an Effective Mobile Marketer

More businesses are including mobile advertising in their marketing campaigns. Despite the growing popularity of mobile ads, the money spent on mobile marketing still don’t match the amount of time people spend on their devices. Traditional media, such as print and radio and TV, still attract the majority of marketing spending. If the money’s not there now, it will be there soon, however.


While mobile still isn’t attracting its fair share of ad spending, marketers are starting to notice the potential of the medium. Industry trailblazers are setting the agenda for the future of mobile in the marketing industry.


The future of the marketing industry is likewise pointing towards mobile. Mobile is no longer an additional feature. If not first, it’s often at the core of things.


Mobile is changing consumer behaviour more than ever. It’s moving from its original role as a connection and convergence device. It now affects different businesses aspects, such as ecommerce and customer service.


With the inevitable mobile revolution in sight, SEO specialists in Australia give these actionable insights and best practices:

Become Mobile-Centric

Look for marketing agencies, like the SEO Co. Who can put mobile at the centre. As a device, mobile is unique, as you can integrate and enhance it with other consumer touch points, like TV ads. Without any other touch points, mobile interactions can also become part of a larger consumer initiative.

Mobile also isn’t just a single media channel. It allows you to deliver a wide range of interactive paid, owned, and earned ads.

Even though the phrase “mobile first” gets tossed around a lot, it still holds true. Consumers are now calling for an integrated approach to mobility. For them, mobile should be a complete solution and not a separate strategy.


Listen to New Arguments

Look for marketing agencies with a comprehensive understanding of the mobile space. This space includes back-end technology, application and web design and development, search, media, and ad creativity and analytics.

Choose agencies that approach marketing strategies with maturity. Mobile is no longer about building an app and figuring out how it works later. Look for forward-thinking agencies that offer effective SEO services in Western Australia at competitive prices.


Keep an Open Mind

Mobile apps, ads, and websites each play a key role in a marketing campaign’s success. To make these work, take into account the KPI of the campaign and tailor the right metric to the right goal.

If you want to be part of the mobile revolution, keep an open mind. Think of new ways to solve marketing problems using mobile.


Be Relevant

Mobile technology brings people new possibilities. It also allows marketers to deliver engaging content and messages, utility and value.

While people use mobile devices like tablets as secondary devices, the mobile experience they bring allows users to focus on specific tasks. They enable users to attend to a specific piece of content, in a particular place. This produces powerful relevant possibilities for both users and marketers.


While waiting for the true mobile revolution, do what you can in the meantime. Consider actionable insights and follow best practices to prepare for a mobile-driven marketing world.

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